Decoy SE (TSS)
Standing at attention
Monster ID 20
Layer Monster
Movement None
First appears DROD 2.0
Is required No
Is brain visible No
Traverses shallow water Yes
For the DROD RPG monster of similar appearnace, see Soulless.

Decoys are artificial creatures that fall in the doubles category, and are produced when the player drinks a decoy potion, or can be found already placed. As their name suggests, decoys act as a target for all creatures within five tiles of themselves except brained goblins, who will ignore decoys if they can reach the player.

Behavior Edit

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  • Decoys are immobile, but can be pushed around by various weapons.
  • Decoys can stand in shallow water.


  • Decoys are vulnerable to lethal weapon strikes, falling into (or being pushed into) regular water or pit, fire traps, spikes, and explosions.
  • Decoys are noticably invulnerable to the attacks of most monsters, save adder's jaws and puffs.


  • As with other doubles, decoys do not need to be killed to complete the room.
  • Decoys hold whichever weapon the player is using at the time when the potion is drunk. Preplaced decoys always hold a Really Big Sword.
  • When spawned from a potion, decoys can be placed on any floor surface except for trapdoors, arrows, and open yellow doors. Preplaced decoys are not subject to these exceptions.
  • Decoys' weapons are brain-invisible objects. However, goblins will avoid them like they avoid the player's weapon.
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