The Death of the player, an NPC, or a monster is removing the player, the NPC, or the monster from the game.

Causes Edit

In classic DROD, death can be caused by:

In DROD RPG, death is generally caused by having 0 HP. However, NPCs can also die because of their scripts.

Consequences Edit

Player Edit


Death animation

Death of the player causes the game to restart. If the user undoes during the death animation, though, the move that caused the death is undone normally.

Monsters Edit

In classic DROD, death of all monster in a room is one of the two things required conquering it (the other one is activation of all Conquer Tokens).

NPCs Edit

Death of an NPC usually doesn't have any generic effects. However, death of a critical hero has consequences similar to that of the player's death. Additionally, all NPCs marked as required targets must die for the room to be conquered.

Scripting Edit

Most imperatives (except Direct-only Beelining and Flexible Beelining) are related to death. These are: