Broken wall
BrokenWall (RPG)
You shouldn't be so destructive
Element ID 5
Layer Room pieces

Secret wall
SecretWall (RPG)
The difference is subtle, but there
Element ID 62
Layer Room pieces

For the Classic DROD element, see Crumbly wall.
For wall types that cannot be broken, see Wall (RPG).

Not all walls are created equal; some are crumbly, broken walls that are ready to fall apart. There also exist the secret walls, functionally identical to broken walls but much subtler and often used to hide paths to secret rooms.

Behavior Edit

Whereas regular walls are often the basic pillars of dungeons and used only to separate rooms and room sections, crumbly walls will function like regular walls until they are destroyed.

Interactions Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
  • Crumbly walls function identically to regular walls until they are destroyed.
  • Broken walls can be knocked down by any character's weapon, by an explosion from any source, or by using a pickaxe on them.
  • The player can teleport to the other side of a one-tile crumbly wall with a wall walking accessory.
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