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Construct 5x5
A menace for any smitemaster
Monster ID 40
Layer Monster
Movement Flexible beelining / Pathfinding(?)
First appears DROD 5.0
Is required Yes
Is brain visible No

Construct debris
ConstructPile WithEnvHazards 5x5
Construct debris against harmful environment
Monster ID 40
Layer Monster
Movement Stationary
First appears DROD 5.0
Is required No
Is brain visible Yes

Constructs are a robotic monster first introduced in The Scorching path of TSS, though they are not encountered as enemies until Security Gates.


Constructs are intelligent machines created by the Empire. Despite some similarities, it would be a mistake to think of constructs as mechanical rock golems. Like golems, constructs leave behind impassible remains when killed, however, while rock golems can reportedly reassemble themselves after some unspecified length of time, constructs are able to do so quickly and with remarkable regularity. As soon as the construct's internal chronometer reaches 30, it will revive and continue its pursuit of any invaders. Only when a room is clear and all constructs disabled will they stand down permanently.

Despite their remarkable capacity for self-repair, constructs are not invulnerable. They can be destroyed permanently by explosions or being pushed or dropped into pits or deep water. While constructs can walk through shallow water safely, if one is disabled while on shallow water, it will not be able to restore itself. As they are made up primarily of metal, constructs cannot withstand exposure to oremites, and will never willingly walk on them.

Behavior Edit

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Like most other monsters they will kill the player upon touching them, and will not walk into a space occupied by a sword.

They move toward the player like an Aumtlich, except they don't need to turn.

When they are killed they leave behind construct debris, similar to rock golems, this debris will self-repair every 30 turns as long as the room is not clear.

They can traverse shallow water but not oremites, if forced onto oremites they will fall into debris, then disappear completely the next turn.

The pickaxe weapon can destoy their debris, along with briars, explosions, adders, oremites, and falling into pits or water.

Additionally, hot tiles, active fire traps, and spike traps will all keep a construct from repairing.

While they won't do it intentionally, they can push mirrors or powder kegs, and drop trapdoors.

They move like a brained Roach when they themselves are brained.

Other Edit

  • Since constructs are immune to swords on the turn they repair, one can gain an extra turn on their repair cycle if you kill one on turn 30.
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