An adventurer's most hated foe
HP 35
ATK 9 (automatically doubled to 18)
GR 1
Behaviours Doubles attack
For the Classic DROD monster, see Brain.

Brains are exceptionally intelligent monsters located in the darkest depths of the Beneath. They are perhaps the most insidious of all creatures and are the masterminds of many dungeons.

Description Edit

The most disturbing of all the monsters in the Beneath looks altogether too much like a giant, pink brain. Monsters that resemble body parts are very, very creepy. What's even creepier is that the brain doesn't attack. At least, not directly. No, it knows all the ins and outs of the surrounding terrain like the back of its... brain... and will hijack the thought patterns of other creatures, giving them gentle suggestions on how to defend themselves when danger approaches. So when that mindless roach fights with the strength of ten men, adventurers will know who is responsible. Created by the Empire to serve as a defense mechanism, much like the evil eye, this almost lifeless pile of flesh can easily turn into an adventurers's worst nightmare.

For the most part, architects tend to hide the brain in a room, either forcing adventurers to keep it alive or making it the last monster accessible to kill. This means that they have to adapt quickly and be able to compensate for the vastly stronger enemies to fight. The best thing an adventurer can do is take his time and reevaluate his approach to clearing out a room, since his defense will be far less effective. When a brain is combined with swordsmen or other extremely strong enemies, battles with them can get much uglier.

They do, for better or worse, have a mouth, so presumably they eat.

Behavior Edit

Although these are the weakest of all dungeon denizens by themselves, their ability to double the attack of every enemy in the room makes them a devilish opponent. This doubling power stacks multiplicatively, so two brains quadruple enemy attack, three brains octuple enemy attack, and so on.

Custom monsters with the Brain template also double enemy attack.

External Links Edit

Article on Brains

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