Bomb (RPG)
An explosion ready to happen
Element ID 43
Layer Items
For the Classic DROD element, see Bomb.

Bombs are immobile explosive devices. When struck with a weapon or lit by a fuse, a bomb will explode in a seven-tile-wide square around the bomb, killing and destroying almost everything in range.

Behavior Edit

When a lit fuse reaches a bomb or the bomb is hit with a weapon, it explodes in a three-tile radius around the bomb, producing an explosion. Bombs hit by explosions from any source will explode immediately.

Interactions Edit

  • Bomb explosions can light fuses.
  • Briar can destroy bombs without blowing them up.
  • Bombs hold down pressure plates if they're placed on top of them.
  • Orbs block bomb explosions, but are activated if hit by them.
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