Aumtlich (RPG)
Embrace the Mothingness!
HP 230
ATK 450
DEF 100
GR 100
REP 100
Behaviours Beam attack
For the Classic DROD monster, see Aumtlich.

Aumtlich are the infernal custodians of the Rooted Empire used to bring order to the domain. Their withering gaze strikes fear in the souls of even the stoutest men.

Description Edit

Rumors of unknown monsters are common in any society that sets great store on daring deeds done. Most can simply dismissed as "the roach that got away", but the most experienced smitemasters know that there is a grain of truth in every rumor. Some of these ancient rumors describe a species that exists in the deepest dungeons - one with a burning hatred of all people, a burning hunger for slaughter, and a burning gaze that instills a petrifying fear into everything it sees. It is believed that these gaunt beasts have been extinct for many generations, if they exist at all. Other people claim that they still live, lurking under the beds of naughty children who refuse to finish their leaf juice.

Aumtlich were engineered by 1st Archivist as a successor to the slayer program. He felt that as useful as slayers were, their weaknesses had begun to outweigh their strengths. For many years, slayers had struck fear (and death) in the hearts of meddling delvers, but as time went on and as more and more smitemasters discovered techniques for defeating slayers, they were no longer the elite assassins the Empire needed. 1st Archivist believed the aumtlich could fulfill that role.

Behavior Edit

In addition to being a fairly powerful opponent in its own right, the aumtlich posses a gaze attack that saps half the health of those it falls upon. Gazes are blocked by monsters, walls, orbs, bombs, mirrors, and tarstuff.

Custom monsters with the Beam Attack behavior also fire a gaze in the direction they face.

External Links Edit

Article on Aumtlich

Game elements (RPG)
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