Embrace the Mothingness, or our gaze shall fall upon you. You will not enjoy that.
Monster ID 18
Layer Monster
Movement Flexible beelining
First appears DROD 3.0
Is required Yes
Is brain visible No

Aumtlichs are a recent innovation of the Rooted Empire meant to eliminate delvers even more effectively than Slayers. Their withering gazes can strike terror into even the most stouthearted of warriors.


Rumors of unknown monsters are common in any society that sets great store on daring deeds done. Most can simply be dismissed as "the roach that got away", but the most experienced smitemasters know that there is a grain of truth in every rumor. Some of these ancient rumors describe a species that exists in the deepest dungeons - one with a burning hatred of all people, a burning hunger for slaughter, and a burning gaze that instills a petrifying fear into everything it sees. It is believed that these gaunt beasts have been extinct for many generations, if they ever existed at all. Other people claim that they still live, lurking under the beds of naughty children who refuse to finish their leaf juice.

Recently, the journal of the noted dungeon-fauna-documentary producer Jaato Scrikely was discovered, which gives some weight to this rumor. Though badly burned, the last few pages were barely legible. The last recorded entry ends with: "The citizens called this area 'The Aumtlich Training Grounds.' There are thin beasts that are working on focusing their gaze into a steady, fiery gaze. I mustn't let them see me; some of what they looked upon was starting to smolder! Though I wonder, what is the proper plural form? Aumtlich? Aumtliches? Aumtlichen - gah, that sounds like some kind of plant. Wait, did I say that out loud? They're turning towards me, and aren't looking happy. I should get..."

The rest of the entry is badly burned and beyond recognition. Many smitemasters hope this journal is a fake made in poor taste, as no such creatures have been seen. Almost all smitemasters, though, have taken to checking under their beds each evening - just to be safe.


See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.

Aumtlichs use the Flanking Flexible movement type, similar to guards. They always wish to face their target. An Aumtlich will face orthogonally if the distance in one of the orthogonal directions is greater than twice the distance than the other orthogonal direction: for example, if the target is 5 North and 2 West from the Aumtlich, then the Aumtlich will face North (since it's over twice as large than the West distance), instead of Northwest. If they are not facing the direction they want, they will turn towards that direction, preferring to turn clockwise instead of anti-clockwise if both take the same amount of time.

An Aumtlich will only freeze something at the end of every turn. An Aumtlich gaze will also damage Cracked Orbs and destroy Broken Orbs (both on Full Turns only) and light fuses (on half turns as well). If an Aumtlich gazes into a mirror, it will freeze itself.

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