Wooden Shield
Better than nothing
DEF 10
Behaviors Unaffected by oremites

Bronze Shield
Sufficiently tough
DEF 30
Behaviors Metal

Steel Shield
The prime defense for many modern-day militaries
DEF 70
Behaviors Metal

Knight Shield
For those whose honor is as valued as their bulwark
DEF 120
Behaviors Metal

Oremite Shield
Forged by the Rooted Empire from a mysterious yet powerful alloy
DEF 220
Behaviors Unaffected by oremites

Armors are shields found in DROD RPG that increase the player's defense rating while equipped. While the list of armor should technically also include all forms of body armor, only shields are found in the game. Other forms of armor are fully scriptable, however.

Armor occupies the player's second equipment slot.

Trivia Edit

In the first half of DROD RPG, the only way to upgrade Tendry's defense power was by picking up a shield since there were no defense gems. It is also possible to complete the whole of Tendry's Tale without picking up the Oremite Shield, although it is available in both halves of the game.

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