Antlion (RPG)
Fierce when approached
HP 60
ATK 100
GR 12
REP 12
Behaviours none
For the Classic DROD monster, see Water skipper nest.

Antlions live underground, remaining rooted in one spot for most of their life. They will attack anyone walking over their hole for food.

Antlions are very strong, but their low vitality makes them easy to slay in one blow. Antlions are otherwise unremarkable.


  • The Antlion is simply a renamed and repurposed Water skipper nest.
Game elements (RPG)
Room pieces layer FloorWallBroken wallStairsPitDoorsTrapdoorTunnelPlatformOremitesHot tilePressure plateBridge
Floor controls layer Ortho squareForce arrow
Items layer TarstuffObstacleScrollOrbBriarBombFuseTokenWeaponArmorAccessoryPower gemsLevel mapKeyHealth potionLight poleMirror
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