Akandia is the northernmost continent of the Eighth. Though it is heavily populated, no major civilization is known to have ever arisen there, due to the pandemic Zealot's Plague.


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Admittedly, little is known about Akandia, and mapmakers could be criticized for being able to provide so little information about the place. Their common answer is inevitably, "if you think it's so easy, make your own damn map!"

Looking at Akandia from a relatively safe distance, it seems a terrific place to visit. It is warm and sunny, with cooling sea breezes, lovely swaying trees filled with several varieties of presumably tasty fruit, and happy naked people with flawless tans waving invitingly. It's a paradisiacal locale, but mapmakers heading over there will surely come down with a bad case of Zealot's Plague, which means, among other things, that they won't be providing any useful information for updating maps.

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