Grappling hook
Grappling hook (RPG)
Swing across small gaps
Element ID -22
Layer Items

Flippers (RPG)
Walk across water
Element ID -23
Layer Items

Invisibility potion
Invisibility potion (RPG)
Slip past monsters unseen
Element ID -24
Layer Items

Speed potion
Speed potion (RPG)
Doubles attack rate
Element ID -25
Layer Items

Hand bomb
Hand bomb (RPG)
Element ID -26
Layer Items

Pickaxe (RPG)
No wall is safe
Element ID -27
Layer Items

Warp token
Warp token (RPG)
Zip across the room
Element ID -28
Layer Items

Portable orb
Portable orb (RPG)
No door is safe
Element ID -29
Layer Items

Lucky greckle
Lucky greckle (RPG)
Getting filthy rich
Element ID -30
Layer Items

Wall walking
Wall walking (RPG)
Can bypass anything
Element ID -31
Layer Items

VIP card
VIP card (RPG)
Double the fame
Element ID -32
Layer Items

Accessories are rare items in DROD RPG that grant the player powerful bonuses while equipped.

Accessories occupy the player's third equipment slot.

List of accessories Edit

Grappling Hook Edit

Allows the player to vault across single tiles of pits or water. If the player is on a raised gate, he may vault across pits or water to another raised gate. Unlimited use.

Flippers Edit

Allows the player to walk on water. Unlimited use.

Invisibility Potion Edit

When quaffed, the player can walk through enemies without engaging in combat with them. The player will also avoid automatic attacks from evil eyes, seep, and waterskippers. However, the player will be struck if he tries to pass in front of an armed opponent. If the player does attack an enemy, he will deal double damage on each attack. Effect lasts until the player defeats an enemy or leaves the room.

Speed Potion Edit

When quaffed, the player makes twice as many attacks per round of combat. Additionally, the player will take half damage from explosions, hot tiles, and aumtlich beam attacks. Effect lasts until the player leaves the room.

Hand Bomb Edit

Deals full explosion damage (usually an instant kill) to every enemy in a one-tile square around the player. The explosion will also activate orbs and destroy any item around the player. Single use.

Pickaxe Edit

Destroys a wall in front of the player, replacing it with ordinary floor. Single use.

Warp Token Edit

Transports the player to the opposite side of the room. That is, the player's coordinates (X, Y) are replaced by (15 - X, 15 - Y). If the player is on a raised gate, he may teleport to another raised gate. Single use.

Portable Orb Edit

Opens any door directly in front of the player. Cannot be used to close doors. Single use.

Lucky Greckle Edit

Doubles the number of greckles dropped from monsters. Unlimited use.

Wall Walking Edit

Pass forward through one tile of solid matter. Can bypass enemies. Single use.

VIP Card Edit

Doubles the reputation earned from defeating monsters. Unlimited use.

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