All who face you in combat must fall. There is no question about it!

First Archivist, also named A1 by Beethro, is the leader of the Archivist faction of the Rooted Empire. He is the primary antagonist of The City Beneath and a major antagonist in The Second Sky.

Biography Edit

The City Beneath Edit

First Archivist first appeared in the level Holding Vats working on a batch of aumtlich. He explained to Beethro that the purpose of the vats is to create useful Engineered Life, much like how the purpose of a crop field is to create edible plants. He also revealed that he himself was created in a vat, just like every other citizen of the Empire.

His next appearance was in the Archivist Headquarters. Beethro attempted to obtain a pass to the Slayers' Conference, but he untimely ran into First Archivist. Wanting to hinder Beethro's progress, he forced a clerk to refuse giving Beethro the Slayer pass.

He later appeared in Slaymaster's Hall where he gave the keynote speech at the Slayers' Conference. He commanded the Slayers to march to the surface and destroy all Aboveground civilizations in a plan he called the Great Removal. His primary motivations are revealed here: although Archivists are tasked with preserving all knowledge, he no longer believes Abovegrounders produce true information; merely random noise or already-recorded patterns. Therefore, destroying the Abovegrounders would simplify the Archivists' impossibly extensive imperative. This plan was brought to an abrupt end when Beethro destroyed the Hall's foundations and killed every slayer, but First Archivist had left the building by then.

His fourth and final appearance was in the caverns above Lowest Point. There, he unleashed his aumtlich on the approaching Stalwart Army. The army swiftly slaughtered the Stalwarts, and only Gristy's releasing of a briar trap prevented the aumtlich force from continuing their assault. Following this defeat, First Archivist retreated to an unknown location.

The Second Sky Edit

A1 Nameless

First Archivist as he appears in The Second Sky. Notice the tag on the collar of the shirt is different.

The Forthcoming Way of Things will be like a gem in a tumbler. A lot of crashing and noise, only to leave beautiful, pristine perfection!

A1 appeared again in the level Forthcoming Way of Things. He explained how his replacement by Arky, the new First Archivist, would doom the Archivists and prevent them from ever completing their task. He believed Arky was too incompetent to deal with the endless flow of worthless knowledge once and for all. Beethro expressed his concern that A1's extremist position made him a destroyer of knowledge. A1 left for Nethlekempt Farrows, enraged.

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